Family care you can trust

      Creating smiles you love is our speciality

      Sweet tooth? Need a checkup?

      Share a smile. $25 credit for you & a friend

      Family care you can trust

      Creating smiles you love is our speciality

      Sweet tooth? Need a checkup?

      Share a smile. $25 credit for you & a friend.

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      At iSmile Dental Centre, our focus is on promoting great oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

      We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere and provide you with superior comfort, care and exceptional dentistry in our new modern centre.

      Excelling in cosmetic and general dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services and aspire to imporve your well-being and quality of life, one smile at a time.

      Gold Coast Dental Services

      What do you look for in a dentist? Is it their education, their years of experience, track record, opinions of friends and peers, or all of the above? If you are someone that fears the idea of going to the dentist, perhaps you are hypersensitive to all of the above and that makes the decision-making process that bit harder. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead there were Gold Coast dental services that tailored their approach around your needs, fears and hopes? Read More

      Lucky for you that here at iSmile Dental Centre, we start with our patients and take things from there. Our belief is that it is important to understand and customise our treatments to each client. Our ability to exceed expectations is quickly gaining a strong reputation and our efforts to educate and inform allow our clients to relax and actually even enjoy their dental treatments. It sounds crazy to some who know only of the old-fashioned horror stories associated with dentistry, but, in fact, when you trust us to care for your oral hygiene we are going to go out of our way to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

      At iSmile Dental Centre, you can even avail of a free smile consultation. This is perfect for those who are perhaps unsure about what could be done to correct the flaws they see in their smile and allows us to get to understand your concerns and desires, as well as allowing you to get a good idea of our professionalism and dedication to achieving the best possible results.

      What we can do for you

      Here at iSmile Dental Centre, we cover a wide range of dental procedures, including:

      -    Comprehensive dental examinations

      -    Soft tissue and gum assessment for diseases

      -    Assessment of bite and jaw joints

      -    Scale, clean and polish

      -    Diagnostic x-rays, using low radiation digital x-ray systems

      -    Oral cancer screening

      -    Replacements using dentures, bridges and dental implants

      -    Restoration work using white and ceramic fillings and crowns

      -    Root canal therapy

      -    Extraction

      -    Teeth whitening

      -    Porcelain and ceramic veneers

      -    Invisalign

      -    Emergency dental work

      A Dental Visit You Will Enjoy

      At iSmile Dental Centre, we treat our patients with respect and care. That begins when you enter our welcoming reception area and while you wait you can watch live television or choose from a selection of Netflix movies and shows if you would like to. We want your experience to be as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

      Aside from the creature comforts, rest assured that we offer the latest techniques in dentistry and continually engage in professional development. What’s more, our treatment rooms we use state of the art technology and cutting-edge equipment to make our services as thorough and professional as possible.

      Here at iSmile Dental Centre, we want our services to be affordable to all. As such, we offer payment options that are simple, clear and convenient, and built around your personal criteria and circumstances. All payment plans are interest-free and we can work to maximize the benefits you receive from your insurance, too.

      Boost Your Dental Services with Great Dental Care

      So let’s say that you took a huge leap forward after visiting us and availing of our exceptional Gold Coast dental services, what comes next? Well, for the majority of us an initial period of carefully monitoring what we eat and going to great lengths to look after our teeth as best we can, routine and the demands of the busy world that we occupy will inevitably lead to the occasional missed dental hygiene day.

      At iSmile Dental Centre, we believe that your teeth are one of those priceless assets that you were gifted, and for those that have already spent money on improving what they already have, it is important that you respect the investment you made so that you get the kind of return you want.

      We are perfectly placed to help those that walk through our doors in order to avail of any treatment to help educate in this respect and devise a series of good habits that are worth picking up. We don’t just respond when your teeth need work. Instead, we prefer to give you the knowledge you need to ensure that you won’t need to spend more than you want to on your dental care in future.

      Dental Care Basics

      Life is tough enough without having to restrict your diet in any great way in order to protect your teeth. That said it is worth being mindful about what you eat and how that can impact on your teeth. As such, keeping an eye on the amount of acidic food that you eat is a good way to ensure that the sheen you have after opting for our Gold Coast dental services is preserved for as long as possible.

      Good snacks to incorporate into your diet are carrot and celery sticks, which obviously have many vitamins and will keep your stomach acidity levels low – one of the main culprits where bad breath is concerned. As such, if you can tear yourself away from crunchy sweets and candies and other hard goods, this will keep your natural teeth and those resplendent veneers looking their best for longer.

      Naturally, dark drinks are going to have a negative effect on the colour of your teeth. So, if you love red wine, coffee and tea then it might be worth cutting back a little or giving your teeth a brush afterwards. The world is slowly coming around to the fact that tobacco and smoking products have adverse health effects, but they will also darken your teeth.

      Brushing your teeth twice a day, once in the morning, a half an hour after breakfast, and at night, before bed, will do wonders on its own, but when incorporated into a wider plan, you can expect to see superb results.

      Dental Services That Deliver Results

      Once you have a great routine in place, your regular check-ups will be a breeze and should be looked at as similar to a service check for your car. Once the pros have given you the all clear, that gives you the peace of mind you need and the confidence in your own ability to keep your pearly whites gleaming.

      At iSmile Dental Centre, our Gold Coast dental services are head and shoulders above the rest, and we promise you nothing short of a friendly, professional, highly competent and knowledgeable team that will deliver the kind of results you hope for.

      So, when you need Gold Coast dental services that are a step above all others but approach the work with the wants and needs of you, the patient, make an appointment with us at iSmile Dental Centre.

      At iSmile Dental we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; from cosmetic dentistry, veneers and implants to general dental services and emergency dentistry.

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