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At iSmile Dental Centre, our focus is on promoting great oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere and provide you with superior comfort, care and exceptional dentistry in our new modern centre.

Excelling in cosmetic and general dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services and aspire to imporve your well-being and quality of life, one smile at a time.

Emergency Dentist Oxenford

iSmile Dental is located in the central shopping district of Hope Island and welcomes new clients from all around the Gold Coast. If you are looking for a warm, caring dental service that provides everything you need to achieve a “Healthy Smile, Beautiful Smile”, then iSmile should be your first choice.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Oxenford?

With easy parking, great access and a central location, iSmile is easy to get to and provides emergency dental services, including same day appointment guarantees. We know that regular maintenance of oral health prevents tooth problems and protects your mouth and teeth from developing problems – so we provide comprehensive examinations and customised treatment plans to ensure your smile is protected.

iSmile are also a leading practice for the application of Invisalign braces, teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures. This means that not only can we help you through a dental emergency and provide you with ongoing care, we can also help you improve your smile!

We want your treatment to be pain-free – both physically and financially – so not only do we have calm, expert staff, but we also offer interest-free finance plans and work with your Health Fund, insurance cover and other means to make sure that you don’t feel it in your pocket too.

What Other Facilities does iSmile Provide?

The dental facilities at iSmile can be broadly grouped into several categories. These align with the way we deal with your needs as a patient, and are part of your personal treatment plan.

Prevent and Protect

This is what you get as part of your comprehensive examinations, every six months usually. The list below is all the possible assessments that you might get, depending on your personal circumstances and oral health.

  • Cancer Screening
  • Soft Tissue/Gum Assessment
  • Assessment of Teeth and Existing Restorations
  • Bite and Jaw Joints (grinding teeth)
  • Risk Factors for Dental Disease – Smoking/Dry Mouth etc
  • Advice on Brushing and Flossing Techniques to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene
  • Scale, Clean and Polish
  • Diagnostic X-ray (if needed)
  • Remineralising Fluoride Treatment


If you have any holes in your teeth, we have a range of options we can use to fill them.

  • White Fillings – these are most suitable for small holes caused by decay, or cracks and fractures.
  • Ceramic Fillings – this composite material is perfect for holes that are too big for white fillings, but not big enough to need a crown.
  • Crown – this protects and strengthens heavily filled teeth, by placing a ‘crown’ over the tooth in the original size, shape and colour.


Sometimes, due to trauma or decay, tooth removal becomes necessary. This can lead to unsightly gaps, and in the case of multiple teeth can affect eating. We offer several ways to replace missing teeth.

  • Dentures – this is a removable appliance that can replace all of your teeth, or just some.
  • Bridge – this involves placing a crown either side of the gap and cementing between to create a bridge
  • Dental Implants – This is a modern and conservative alternative to a bridge, and is becoming more and more popular


This section covers all the ways we can help you improve your existing smile, both invasive and non-invasive.


We want the whole family to enjoy improved oral health, so come and speak to us about how we can help your children too.

How Can iSmile Help in an Emergency?

Whatever your dental emergency, whether it be pain, bleeding, a knocked out tooth or swelling, call iSmile for a same day appointment, guaranteed. Our dentist, Dr. Jenni Tippmann will provide you with a Free Smile Consult to see exactly what you need to help with your emergency.

At iSmile Dental we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; from cosmetic dentistryveneers and implants to general dental services and emergency dentistry.

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