Changing Your Smile Can Be The Start Of A New You With Smile Styler!​

We believe in making you look picture perfect in every moment of your life. Your smile is your biggest asset and we are here to invest in it because your perfect smile can change your world! Talk with your smile and not with your words to make a lasting impression that’s beautiful and poetic, just like you!

How to get your new Smile with Smile Styler?

Dentist and a patient

Discuss your requirements

Walk into our facility and have a chat with us. We will lay out various treatment plans for you. Once you and our expert orthodontist zero in on a plan best for you, we will arrange a 3D scan for you to obtain a perfect image for each of your teeth. The process is 100% digital, so no human errors.

A masked and gloved dental technician works on a prosthetic tooth in his lab

We work our magic​

We will now law out a comprehensive plan for your smile. This part of the procedure will determine what orthodontic treatments you will need and how long will your treatment last? You and your smile are unique and therefore, aligners for your every tooth will be uniquely manufactured by our team of experts.

White smiles

Start enjoying your new smile​

Yes, flaunt them! Our smile stylers are not like metal braces with wiring. These are almost invisible teeth fittings that will never let you feel conscious. Each aligner will take its prescribed time to reform your teeth. The treatment will be a 6-Stage program. We will keep checking on your progress with scans after 6 weeks. The treatment will take 6 to 12 weeks to come to pass.

Affordable Payment Plans

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Get the smile you want today, and pay at your own pace!

Smile Styler is a revolutionary step ahead in teeth reform. You don’t have to live with a close-mouthed, embarrassed smile because of metal braces anymore. Neither is age a bar anymore to get that perfect set of pearly whites! Smile Styler sets your smile free with its highly specialized, invisible teeth aligning technique that will style your smile in a way that you will find reasons to smile at the smallest of things, every day!

Why Smile Styler aligners are best for you?

Cost Efficient

They are pocket-friendly and will always look great on you! You can get yourself a perfect smile under a cost of 2 cup of coffees a day.

Easy to handle and use​

They are pocket-friendly and will always look great on you! You can get yourself a perfect smile under a cost of 2 cup of coffees a day.

No restrictions whatsoever​

No restrictions on what you can and cannot eat and No restrictions on brushing and flossing.

Set your own schedule​

The treatment can be phased out based on your comfort. You can choose a schedule which suits your requirements.


Some common questions people ask us about Smile Styler.

We will get back to you with a detailed plan after 3D imaging and mapping. We treat each of your teeth individually and we develop individual plans of treatment for every teeth.

Our Smile Aligners come with quality and durability assured. We use medical-grade polyurethane. It’s safe. It’s gluten-free.

We do not go for the traditional, impression-taking method for your teeth and jaw’s imprint. We use 3D scanning which is superiorly accurate and will give you the best results.

We will ask you to account for 6-12 months for an end-to-end treatment procedure. 

A Smile Styler aligner treatment will cost you somewhere in a bracket of $2000 –$2200.