At iSmile Dental Centre, our focus is on promoting great oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere and provide you with superior comfort, care and exceptional dentistry in our new modern centre.

Excelling in cosmetic and general dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services and aspire to improve your well-being and quality of life, one smile at a time.

Sanctuary Cove Cosmetic Dentist

Welcome to iSmile Dental; we’re the go-to choice for those in Hope Island who are looking for a fully qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist that delivers exceptional results. We’re conveniently located on Hope Island Rd which is just 6.5kms away from the beautiful gated community of Sanctuary Cove.

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Sanctuary Cove?

At iSmile, our focus is on promoting good oral health care, and creating beautiful smiles, without the usual dread that’s associated with a dentist visit. When Dr. Jenni opened the clinic, she was all too aware of the ‘sterile’ and often uncomfortable experience of a regular dentist appointment, and wanted to make sure that no one had that sort of experience with her, no matter what kind of treatment(s) they needed.

Dr. Jenni has created a comfortable environment where patients can sit back, relax and actually enjoy their dentist visit. You don’t have to worry about judging, unnecessary advice and pushy sales tactics when you choose to work with Dr. Jenni.

What cosmetic procedures do we offer?

At iSmile Dental Centre, Dr. Jenni, our cosmetic dentist currently offers 3 types three cosmetic dentistry procedures. These are:

  • Teeth Whitening – We offer both take home and in-chair teeth whitening services. It is a simple, safe, non-invasive treatment method that changes the natural colour of your teeth’s enamel to give you the pearly whites you’ve always wanted.
  • Veneers – We offer both porcelain and resin veneers depending on your requirements. Veneers are a conservative way of preserving tooth structure and will completely transform your smile into the one you’ve always dreamed of. With veneers we can fill in gaps, rectify discoloured or stained teeth, and even fix a crooked smile. Please call into see us and let’s chat about how veneers could totally transform your smile.
  • Invisalign – Invisalign treatment is becoming massively popular with our patients. It is the fashionable, more comfortable, and faster working alternative to traditional metal braces. It uses a series of clear – invisible – comfortable, removable aligners to give you the straight smile that you’ve always wanted. Not everyone is a perfect candidate for Invisalign so book a consultation with us to see if you’re a good fit.

Get A Smile Makeover & Start Smiling Again

Being able to smile confidently means everything when it comes to expressing how you feel and enjoying yourself whilst in social situations. Don’t let your smile hold you back from living your best life – get in touch with us now to learn more about our smile makeovers and how we’ve helped patients just like you to get their confidence back.

Call us now on 07 5391 4206 to book an appointment.

At iSmile Dental we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; from cosmetic dentistryveneers and implants to general dental services and emergency dentistry.

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