Emergency Dentist & Care on Gold Coast

Dental pain relief

Do you have a dental emergency? Whether you’re dealing with a shattered tooth, enduring a relentless toothache, navigating the pains of wisdom teeth, or coping with dental injury, help is within reach.

At iSmile Dental Centre, we understand the urgency of dental discomfort and are dedicated to providing swift relief.

If you require urgent care, we confidently promise a SAME DAY APPOINTMENT GUARANTEE. To secure your spot, please contact us on 07 5655 7660 before 3pm.

Our commitment to your dental health extends beyond typical office hours; reach out to us on Facebook for post hour emergencies, and we will offer guidance and support.

Our emergency treatments designed to alleviate your distress include:


Root canal therapy is a way of saving a tooth that has become infected and is a great alternative to extraction, which leaves you with a gap and can lead to further problems. Also replacing a missing tooth is often more costly than keeping the tooth in the first place.

Treatment involves removing the nerve, cleaning and shaping the chamber and filling the space. The tooth is then restored with either a filling or a crown.


There comes a time when tooth removal is the best alternative, whether it be a heavily diseased tooth or a bothersome wisdom tooth. We strive to make the experience painless and anxiety-free as can be.

Stop the toothache and contact us at iSmile Dental Centre on 07 5510 8696 for gentle and comfortable care.