Dentures, Bridges & Dental Implants

Tooth replacement

Sometimes teeth cannot be restored and end up being removed leaving an unsightly and inconvenient gap which itself can lead to problems with the bite alignment of teeth.

To remedy this there are a number of options available:


Dentures are a removable dental appliance constructed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. The can replace all teeth or just some.


A dental bridge is an excellent way of replacing missing teeth. It usually involves placing two crowns either side of the gap and bridging the two together. The bridge is permanently cemented and can be constructed from either metal or ceramic.


Dental implants are a modern and conservative alternative to bridges and dentures and are considered to be a permanent way to regain a gap free smile.

If you are missing teeth and would love a gap free smile then contact us at iSmile Dental Centre on 5510 8696 and let us give back to you what you once lost. Regain your “Healthy, Beautiful” gap free smile.