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At iSmile Dental Centre, our focus is on promoting great oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere and provide you with superior comfort, care and exceptional dentistry in our new modern centre.

Excelling in cosmetic and general dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services and aspire to imporve your well-being and quality of life, one smile at a time.

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Our mission is to provide quality care to every patient. We achieve this objective through attentiveness, open communication & patient education.

Whether you need implants, gum treatment or simply a check-up , we’ll address any concerns you might have prior to treatment and answer all of your questions in a relaxed, pressure-free setting.

We offer Cosmetic, General Family and Children’s Dentistry, Invisalign and Preventative Oral Health Care.

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iSmile Dental centre will help you achieve the best version of yourself. Our principal dentist Dr Jenni Tippmann believes in providing gentle, quality dentistry with an emphasis on prevention. She also has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and is highly skilled in the art of transforming smiles.

Smile makeovers are our specialty, why not book a free smile consult to go over your options for your custom smile makeover. No cost, no obligation to go through with any treatment. Look at our gallery to see the awesome results.


At iSmile Dental Centre we take preventative dentistry seriously, if you look after your teeth they’ll look after you.

With a wide range of treatments from check ups, x-rays, cleans, sealants and even mouth guards we can help you protect and take care of your teeth.

Looking after our patients dental health is our priority, changing your mindset from treatment to prevention will help ensure a lifetime of a Healthy Beautiful Smile.

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We are conveniently located in the Hope Island Central shopping complex with no shortage of parking including under cover parking. Most amenities are available and bus services are close by.

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Dentist in Hope Island, Queensland

Welcome to iSmile Dental Centre, Queensland’s number one choice when you are in need of a dentist who understands the value of a great smile and the importance of achieving it in as comfortable a manner as possible. We are dedicated to bringing high-quality dental solutions to all of our customers in a genuine and caring way that is focused on you, what you want and what you hope our services can achieve for you.

Here at iSmile Dental Centre, you will find a dentist that Hope Island residents have trusted in their hour of need on countless occasions and left the surgery smiling and informed about how best to look after their teeth.

We understand that people have very busy lives and it can be difficult to make time for a trip to the dentist. Inevitably, a dental problem that goes ignored will persist and require action before too long. At iSmile Dental Centre, we believe in long-term planning when it comes to your teeth. It is simply a matter of scheduling regular check-ups and making a good habit out of visiting your dentist, which will not only give you continued peace of mind but will save you a lot of money over the years.

Why Your Dental Hygiene is Important

You might look at your teeth and think that they are just there to break down food and make you look good when you smile and that it doesn’t really matter if you let one or two go because you can always get them replaced or removed. While dentists are able to do wonders with even the most damaged sets of teeth, the reality is that failure to stay on top of your dental hygiene can actually lead to much more concerning issues.

An infection in the gum or mouth can, in fact, have negative side effects elsewhere in the body, particularly where they are left to develop into serious infections. Naturally, the heart pumps all of the blood in our body around, so by leaving any infection untreated, even in the mouth, a person risks complications and diseases in other areas.

Here at iSmile Dental Centre, we believe in adding strength and durability to the health and function of your teeth. However, we can also identify other issues just by examining the teeth. These include acid reflux, oral cancers, vitamin deficiencies, tooth grinding and a range of other problems that, of course, should be addressed as swiftly as possible to ensure a healthy body.

Getting the Basics Right

There are a few basics that you really should adopt to ensure that between visits to our surgery you are doing all that you can to sustain them for a long life. These include brushing your teeth twice a day, cutting back on or cutting out sugary foods, rinsing your mouth after meals and opting out where tobacco products are concerned. Making regular appointments with a dentist Hope Island and QLD natives are turning to in droves, right here at iSmile Dental Centre is obviously your next step to a healthier mouth.

Here you will find a philosophy built around achieving healthy and beautiful smiles combined with the highest quality care and comfort. We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive comprehensive dental care and customised treatment plans.

A Dentist Hope Island People Can Trust

Think about all of the times that you have caught yourself smiling along with a favoured TV personality, or while you watch A-list celebrities flashing their pearly whites for the cameras. We bet that in many of these instances you smile along with them. We are sure that the same is true when a cherished friend or family member smile or laughs.

However, outside of your comfort zone, if you are conscious about how your smile looks, you need to see the dentist Hope Island residents trust to restore your smile to its most beautiful and brilliant.

At iSmile Dental Centre, we appreciate the need for a more personal approach to dentistry. Everything that we do centres around our patients, and we endeavour to achieve the results that they hope for so that they can embrace life to the fullest.

Dentist that Turns That Frown Upside Down

Human beings are social animals, and so the way that our peer group and those within our community perceive us has a direct impact on our self-perception. Very few people are fortunate enough to be blessed with a perfectly straight smile and teeth that never pose any problems. Regardless of whether your own teeth could be better, rest assured that you are not the only person that wishes they had a more attractive smile.

We would all like to be free from the burden of wondering how our looks are perceived. It would certainly make going about our daily chores and routines that bit easier. Those that have negative associations with how their smile looks stand to gain so much more than just a great smile from seeking the help of us here at iSmile Dental Care.

As a dentist serving Hope Island, we want those in our vicinity to appreciate all of the great things that come from a great looking set of teeth. Whether you are conscious of it or not, we are all prone to noticing teeth and making judgements on the basis of how they look. Romantic possibilities, job opportunities and social acceptance are just a few things that are negatively impacted by bad teeth.

A person who smiles more and isn’t afraid to laugh is more likely to receive attention, attract friends and companions and be seen as a more trustworthy individual. It’s a terrible social bias that exists, but no matter if it remains unspoken, scratch the surface, and you will find that it is true.

However, leaving aside the social aspect of the equation, what’s much more important is your mental health and wellbeing. Those that choose not to smile do not benefit from the release of endorphins and serotonin to the brain, which promotes feelings of happiness. Something that simple could change your outlook for the day and help you take steps toward a more fulfilling existence.

An Infectious Smile

At iSmile Dental Care, we seek to improve oral health quality and build confidence and self-esteem as a direct result. We are here to listen to your concerns and your hopes, and we are always open in our communications so that you know what we can achieve and how we will go about it.

We hope that our Facebook and Google reviews, as well as our smile gallery, will convince you that the best dentist Hope Island QLD locals can access is right here on your doorstep. Whether you believe it or not right now, you have a smile that is as infectious as any A-lister and with our help, we can make it much more comfortable for you to reveal it to the world.

So, when you need a dentist, remember, Hope Island is where iSmile Dental Centre is based. We look forward to looking after you!

At iSmile Dental we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; from cosmetic dentistry, veneers and implants to general dental services and emergency dentistry.