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Teeth Whitening Hope Island

A large number of people wake up to the fact that their teeth have yellowed, stained or become discoloured over time. There may be a number of unavoidable reasons for this.

While the sad news is that yellowing teeth are an inevitable reality that occurs as part of the natural and unavoidable ageing process, the good news is there areĀ teeth whiteningĀ treatments inĀ Hope Island.

We Correct Teeth Discolouration

The whitening treatment offered at iSmile Dental seeks to redress the yellowing or staining process through the use of cosmetic dentistry, restoring discoloured teeth to brilliant whiteness.

Causes for Yellow, or Discoloured Teeth

We may assume that yellow teeth are as a result of the outer layer, or enamel becoming stained by food, but hereā€™s an interesting fact. As your enamel grows thinner due to wear and tear or acid stains from either food or drink, etc., the dentin below the enamel grows yellow and shows through, making the tooth appear yellow.

The following factors affect the dentin and cause it to yellow and show through:

  • ageing
  • diet
  • damaging a tooth
  • the state of your health
  • genetics
  • certain medication
  • excessive fluoride.

Food, drink and tobacco do, however, stain the enamel and impact the health and appearance of our teeth.

Fast, Painless Treatment with Great Results

The number of sugar-loaded pleasure foods has grown exponentially in recent years and is wreaking havoc on our teeth, resulting in a sharp rise in dental decay and other related dental problems.

However, itā€™s now possible to correct teeth discolouration with the professionalĀ teeth whiteningĀ treatment available at iSmile Dental,Ā Hope Island,Ā where we put our best efforts into ensuring that your bright smile is fully restored.

Our teeth whitening process is painless and can be done either at our clinic or in the convenience and privacy of your own home. You have the option to restore your bright smile in just an hour of treatment at our clinic, or by following a 5-7 day treatment regime at home.

At iSmile Dental we also offer a wide range of dental services all aimed at keeping your teeth in perfect health and appearance. We pride ourselves on being among the leading professional dental practices in the region, with a strong and committed dental team.

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Smile

If you have teeth that are cracked, broken, contain cavities or exposed roots, we highly recommend that you seek treatment to resolve those dental issues first. Whitening is only recommended for teeth that are in a healthy state, or have been properly filled, capped, straightened or restored.

Gum disease or gum recession will also cause discomfort if not properly addressed before teeth whitening. A consultation with Dr Jenni Tippmann will guide you, and clarify if your dental health is suitable for whitening your teeth.

We do hope that you will get in touch with us and let us handle your cosmetic dental care. Our service is professional, friendly and efficient. We ensure that your dental visit to us will be as comfortable and pleasant as we can make it.

Book your appointment by calling (07) 5391 4206, send us an email atĀĀ or drop into our clinic at 17/340 Hope Island Rd, Hope Island QLD 4212. We are always happy to talk you through your options.

AtĀ iSmile DentalĀ we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; fromĀ cosmetic dentistry,Ā veneersĀ andĀ implantsĀ toĀ general dental servicesĀ andĀ emergency dentistry.

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