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At iSmile Dental Centre, our focus is on promoting great oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere and provide you with superior comfort, care and exceptional dentistry in our new modern centre.

Excelling in cosmetic and general dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services and aspire to imporve your well-being and quality of life, one smile at a time.

Emergency Dentist Helensvale

No one wants to be in the situation where they need emergency dental care, however, when it does happen ourĀ emergency dentist in HelensvaleĀ is always prepared. At our Helensvale practice, we can provide you with emergency dental care that will offer the best treatment and support for you and your personal situation. Below, you can find out more about what you should do during a dental emergency.

What To Do During A Dental Emergency

Having a dental emergency can be a nightmare and is not something that any of us want to experience. However, it is important that you know what to do in a dental emergency should you or a loved one experience this.

One of the most common dental emergencies is a broken tooth. If you can find any tooth fragments, keep them and take them with you when visiting the dentist. Make sure to clean the area with warm water and then use a cold washcloth to cover the affected area before calling us.

Another common dental emergency is the loss of a tooth. Fast action is needed here when a tooth is lost due to an injury. Find the tooth, holding just the crown, and try to place it back into your mouth, holding in place if necessary. If you cannot fit the tooth back into your mouth, place it in a cup of cold milk as this will help to preserve it.

Our Emergency Dentist Service In Helensvale

We have many patients calling us with severe toothache. Usually, this is due to an abscess or another infection in the mouth. To ensure the area is clean, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and then put a cold compress over your cheek if you are suffering from lots of swelling. A mouth injury may also need emergency dental treatment if you have received an impact to your jaw that is distorting your jawline. Keep your face as still as you possibly can while waiting for emergency treatment. Any bleeding of the lip, tongue or cheek that does not stop will require you to convey this to the dentist or doctor so it can be looked at as quickly as possible.

It is also important to note what is not considered to be a dental emergency. If you or a loved one has received an injury, but there is no loss or disruption to your teeth, then you should not require emergency treatment. If you have suffered a blow, make sure that you apply firm pressure to anywhere that is bleeding and hold this here for around 15 minutes. A cold compress can also help with any bruising or swelling. If you cannot control the bleeding, then make sure to get emergency help.

Get In Touch With Us Now

Are you having a dental emergency? Then get in touch with our dental practice today. Call our team to find out what the next step is during your dental emergency and how we can help you.

AtĀ iSmile DentalĀ we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; fromĀ cosmetic dentistry,Ā veneersĀ andĀ implantsĀ toĀ general dental servicesĀ andĀ emergency dentistry.

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