Family care you can trust

      Creating smiles you love is our speciality

      Sweet tooth? Need a checkup?

      Share a smile. $25 credit for you & a friend

      Family care you can trust

      Creating smiles you love is our speciality

      Sweet tooth? Need a checkup?

      Share a smile. $25 credit for you & a friend.

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      At iSmile Dental Centre, our focus is on promoting great oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

      We offer a friendly relaxed atmosphere and provide you with superior comfort, care and exceptional dentistry in our new modern centre.

      Excelling in cosmetic and general dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services and aspire to imporve your well-being and quality of life, one smile at a time.

      Cosmetic Dentistry in Gold Coast

      The world is very much a social media stage, and all of us are the players. You cannot walk down the street anymore without seeing somebody looking into their smartphone, or a group of friends, or even a lone figure snapping selfies. We have increasingly become more and more obsessed with capturing the perfect picture of ourselves and documenting so much of our daily lives. Social media comes with a steep price, however, and with so many fixated on how they look many people are seeking out cosmetic dentistry on the Gold Coast. Read More

      It’s all about the aesthetics. Whether you are in the market for a whiter smile, healthier gums or a bite correction procedure here at iSmile Dental Centre we offer a range of services and are fully committed to exceeding all of your expectations. We are based in the Hope Island central shopping complex and for those who haven’t heard of us before, we offer a free smile consultation that allows us to assess your needs and goals, and so that you can get a sense of our professionalism and expertise.

      How to Care for Your New Teeth

      If you are going to invest in cosmetic dentistry, then you will want the work you have done to last you for as long as possible. As such there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

      1) Cutting down on the amount of acidic food you eat is important in terms of preventing that resplendent shine from being worn down. Also, snacking on healthy choices such as celery or carrot sticks will keep your stomach acidity levels down, which will prevent bad breath from occurring.

      2) Tea, coffee and wine are all the enemy of those perfect pearly whites. Dark beverages, in general, should be avoided as much as possible. Similarly, tobacco products are a definite no-go zone unless you really want to stain your teeth in no time.

      3) Here at iSmile Dental Centre when we look at your teeth we can tell a lot. So, if we notice that you possibly grind your teeth, either during the day or during your sleep, then it is probably best to get a mouth guard so you don’t wear them down.

      4) Giving crunchy, sweet and hard foods a wide berth is a good idea to protect against veneers being broken, or your natural teeth getting damaged.

      5) Brush your teeth twice a day, use a mouth rinse and floss. These are the obvious rules for good oral hygiene but it is always worth reminding people to develop a routine; it will save you money in the long run.

      Putting a Smile on That Face

      Here at iSmile Dental Centre, we believe in dentistry that improves the quality of oral health, transforms the smiles of our clientele, gives pain relief to those in need, helps customers overcome their fears and anxiety about the nature of our work and helps people build their confidence and self-esteem.

      Your teeth are one of the first things that anybody you meet will notice. So, if you are somebody who believes that they could look better and who wants to make a change that makes you feel good about your smile, then there is no better time to pay us a visit.

      At iSmile Dental Centre, we deliver the best cosmetic dentistry Gold Coast residents can avail of and guarantee that the experience alone will put a smile on your face.

      Cosmetic Dentistry Can Benefit You

      It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that there is one way of living for the rich and famous and another for everyone else. Buying into an illusion is something that we are all guilty of, but it is important to remind ourselves that while the people we admire may live a different existence, the services that they require are not exclusive to them.

      Cosmetic dentistry in Gold Coast is something that anybody who wishes to transform their smile can access. Just because you don’t appear on the cover of magazines every week does not mean that you don’t qualify for such treatments and procedures. At iSmile Dental Centre, we are all about helping those that wish to transform their look and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem to explore the possibilities readily available to you today.

      Debunking Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

      There is plenty of misinformation out there about cosmetic dentistry. One of the main myths that we come up against time and time again is that it will damage your natural teeth. The fact of the matter is that in electing for cosmetic dentistry, Gold Coast natives can actually preserve their natural teeth.

      Think of it this way; if you have gaps in your teeth, missing teeth or have trouble speaking or biting down, then cosmetic dentistry could make a drastic difference to your life. While you undoubtedly stand to benefit from straighter, whiter or less gap-filled teeth, your oral hygiene will also get a major boost.

      The absence of plaque means that there is a smaller danger of gum disease presenting, and this means that your overall health risk is lowered. What’s more, where a tooth is missing the remaining teeth can become compromised by the additional pressure experienced while eating, which can lead to movement as well as further tooth loss.

      At iSmile Dental Clinic, we would struggle to count the number of patients who revealed that they waited a long time to undergo a cosmetic dental treatment out of fear that it was going to be a painful experience. Anxiety is common in our field, but rest assured that we go to great lengths to ensure that you are informed and comfortable throughout your time with us.

      Another misconception is that cosmetic dentistry is for the super-rich. We encourage those that believe this to inquire about our interest-free payment plans and to explore the offers that we regularly promote on our site. You just might find that the work you need to have done is already within your means.

      Change the Way You Greet the World

      Here at iSmile Dental Centre, we know that it’s never just about how the outside world views you because no matter what they think unless you are happy with who you are and how you represent yourself in the real world, none of that is of any consequence.

      Whether you would like to feel more comfortable smiling in the boardroom when giving presentations, or if you feel that your social prospects are inhibited to some extent by the current condition of your teeth, then now is the time to take action.

      Cosmetic dentistry Gold Coast residents can access is available to you today, so why not drop over to us in the Hope Island Central shopping complex today and change the way you greet the world for good.

      At iSmile Dental we endeavour to provide the highest quality care and comfort. We provide a range of services; from cosmetic dentistry, veneers and implants to general dental services and emergency dentistry.

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