The History Of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry evolved from regular dentistry. Understanding the term – cosmetic dentistry is important before you invest in it because where regular dentistry serves your needs, cosmetic dentistry is here to serve your wants.

With cutting-edge technology now spreading its wings into wellness and lifestyle, cosmetic dentistry is becoming a destination shop where one can choose, pick and indulge to get guaranteed visible results. Cosmetic dentistry has helped fix oral as well as emotional issues because it helps improve the way you look by improving the way your smile looks.

Cosmetic dentistry has a rich past and a very bright future ahead. 

How it all started?

The curiosity of human nature has always been the mother of innovation.

It all started as early as 3000 BC. Pointy things like sticks and twigs were used to clean teeth.

1938 AD saw the birth of the first-ever nylon bristle toothbrush that was an evolution from the less hygienic animal hair toothbrushes being used.

Humans realized the value of dental hygiene much before than we generally anticipate.

Earliest Forms of Cosmetic Dentistry

The earliest known dentures were found in 700 BC, made of ivory and bone.

Back then, it was a common practice to extract teeth from the dead humans and animals to make dentures for the living.

This practice had to end in the 1800s because the extracted teeth from the dead would decay.

Richer civilizations like the ancient Egyptians and Romans used gold in dental restorations like tooth crowns and tooth bridges.

Seashells were hammered into gums as tooth replacements, and earliest forms of toothpaste had an amount of urine in them.

As disgusting as it may sound, urine contains ammonia which still is one of the most effective agents of dental whitening.

Woman on the inspection of the teeth in dentistry

How Cosmetic Dentistry Evolved?

Cosmetic dentistry became an exploration of great interest as it evolved.

From earlier practices, it became clearer that the bodies of living humans would reject dentures made of dead people’s teeth.

And thus started the use of metal filings instead.

But that too had a short life.

The transition period can be placed in the 1700s to 1800s when prosthetic dentistry started moving towards sophisticated cosmetic dentistry and there was no looking back. 

Acrylics laid the foundation of modern cosmetic dentistry, becoming the standard material of use, even today.

The discovery of using porcelain in cosmetic dentistry was ground breaking!

Though it did not work as a solo agent, soon it was discovered that porcelain could be fused and mixed with metal to give satisfactory results.

Through the 1900s porcelain, dental crowns were a hit, and then came another invention.

The switch to plastics and acrylics.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Our Times

We took cosmetic dentistry as a learning curve and focused on more natural-looking teeth alternates and pain-less procedures as we moved into the late 1900s. 

1990 can be officially called the year when cosmetic dentistry as we know it today was born.

Bleaching of teeth, placing dental implants, and dealing with dental veneers were now some basic and popular procedures.

Then came the procedures that made cosmetic dentistry a luxury service.

It has been a long journey for cosmetic dentistry and the strides that it has made from those early years are commendable.

What started as experimental, is now a safe service that many would deem essential.

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