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How To Make The Most Of Your Smile After A Smile Makeover

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A smile makeover can be considered an investment as well as a milestone in your life. It is the day from where on, the way you smile, changes. And when that smile changes, a lot changes with it!

Your personality, people’s perception of you, your self-confidence, all of this is guaranteed to see a significant makeover of their own, for good.

Since you have invested in your smile makeover, here are some very basic, but some very important pointers that will help you make the most of your smile after its gorgeous makeover.

1. Don’t Cover Your Mouth When You Laugh

We understand that before your smile makeover, a part of you was always conscious about the way you smiled.

Time to let go of that part of yourself, because you have a brand new – beautiful smile, and it’s time to flaunt it.

No more hiding your smile behind a covered or closed mouth. 

2. Get Comfortable Smiling

A smile is just not a feature, it’s an expression that helps you feel and spread happiness.

Beautiful smiles are often called infectious and rightly so.

Post your smile makeover, it’s time to trust the fact that your smile can very well light up a room!

So smile when you’re alone, smile to a mirror, smile to friends and strangers.

Smile as much as you can!

3. Do Things Which Make You Laugh

Remember, before your smile makeover, how you would find excuses to cover up your smile or even control it?

Well, gone are those times for good.

It’s time for you to explore and embrace more and more reasons to smile every day!

Do things that you love, and that beautiful smile will find its way to your face.

They say laughter is the best therapy.

So laugh, smile, and make your world a happy place!

4. Meet New People And Build Connections

You have invested in the smile of your dreams and now that you have it, it’s time to show off.

Go out, meet new people and have them notice your smile.

Welcome the compliments, feel happy and smile more.

Because when you do these simple things every day, it just doesn’t make you a happier person, it makes you a more content person.

So go out, socialize and connect with old friends and new ones!

5. Take Care Of Your Teeth

Now that you have that picture-perfect smile, invest some time every day in taking care of your pearly whites.

Follow some basic rules. 

Proper Diet

Eat food that is good for your oral health.

Prop up your diet with fresh leafy greens, citrus fruits, and proteins like fatty fish, to ensure good oral health.

Dental Hygiene

Basic oral hygiene is the key to a well-maintained, beautiful smile.

No matter how busy your day was or how hard you partied at night, whenever you wind up your day, practice a set ritual of oral hygiene every single day.

Brush twice a day – early morning and before you go to bed at night.

Use fluoride toothpaste.

Clean your tongue, floss, and add mouthwash to your regime.

Avoid Smoking, Coffee and Red Wine

Smoking, Caffeine, and Red Wine are known to leave stains on your teeth.

Repeated use can cause permanent stains making your teeth appear yellow and pale.

These are three habits to steer away from for overall oral health.


If you’ve just had a smile makeover, just follow these simple notes above to make the most of your prized possession, your smile.

It is natural to have loads of questions if you’re thinking about a smile makeover.

Book an appointment to meet with our Gold Coast cosmetic dentists and we can talk about your goals.

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