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If your smile is holding you back, our smile makeovers will give you the confidence that you deserve.

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Years of experience helping Biggera Waters patients with their cosmetic dental needs means we’re ready to handle patients looking for dental veneers Biggera Waters.

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Everyone knows that first impressions count. In fact a study conducted by Kelton showed that 73% of people are more likely to trust someone with a nice smile, rather than a good job, or a nice car.

"As a Biggera Waters local I’ve always been passionate about dental veneers because it’s so rewarding to see how much it improves patient self-confidence."

In fact having a nicer looking smile has been found to have a positive impact on almost every aspect of social life, in addition to improving your overall oral health.

Jenni Tippmann

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Veneers

If you’re thinking about having a cosmetic dental treatment then you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

People who are good potential candidates for dental veneers have generally healthy teeth, which are fairly straight, and without very large gaps. These are important factors to allow for the veneers to properly adhere and create the desired visual effect.

The cost for treatments can vary greatly due to the nature and complexity of your individual case. It will be best to have a consultation with our cosmetic dentist to get an accurate understanding of cost.

Yes! We have a range of payment options, including some which feature interest free payments!

Dental veneers come in 2 main varieties. Porcelain veneers, and composite resin veneers. They both have advantages and disadvantages, so take a look at this article to figure out the type of dental veneers that would be a good fit for you.